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Whiteside Irrigation is family-owned and operated out of Norwich, Ontario. We are an exclusive TL Irrigation dealer, and work with farmers all across Ontario.

AT-L’s exclusive hydrostatic design has proven to be of significant value to international users. Ease of maintenance, reliability and simplicity of hydraulic power are important benefits, along with the system’s continuous movement, which assures even distribution of water over the crop. The absence of copper wire on T-L systems also significantly reduces the chances of wire theft, common to electrically powered irrigation equipment.

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Saving you time & money

Cost Benefits | Water Conservation


Reduce labor costs up to 90% compared to traditional irrigation methods such as gated pipe.


"T-L System Runs 41,000 Hours And Applies 430 Million Gallons Of Water–In Just 5-1/2 Years."


When surveyed in T-L’s ISO9001 quality audit, 98% of T-L customers said they would buy another T-L system.


Exclusive option of planetary gearboxes with an 8-year, 24,000 hour gearbox warranty.

More Benefits


Save money

Reduce labor costs up to 90% compared to traditional irrigation methods such as gated pipe.


Save time

Recently it has been suggested that hydraulics and hydrostatic power is “old technology”. True, hydraulic power has been around for a long time, but there are good reasons for that.


Low Maintenance

T-L’s pivot irrigation systems are constructed with high-strength truss rods and a double tower-leg design. Components are zinc coated by T-L’s galvanizing plant to prevent rust.


Proven Technology


Reduced down time

System uptime is critical when irrigating. T-L’s hydrostatic design is revolutionary in the industry due to its high reliability.



T-L pivot systems are protected by comprehensive manufacturer’s warranties. Planetary gearboxes are guaranteed for 8 years/24,000 hours, and worm gear drives are protected for 8 years/16,000 hours due to our hydraulic design and continuous movement performance.



Your safety when operating T-L should not be a concern. We do not rely on 480 volts of electricity to power our drive systems.


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