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New from T-L Irrigation Co. and Agsense, llc, the Precision link enables web-based pivot control for T-L pivot systems. The Precision Link works in combination with T-L’s Precision Point Control lll (PPClll) to let you manage your pivot with your computer or mobile device and a simple internet connection. Pivot control is an important part in how you use your pivots successfully. Pivot start/stop, direction, application rate and speed, and water pump control are but a few of the features available. VRI (Variable Rate Irrigation) can also be programmed through the website.

Precision Link and the PPCIll, combined with T-L’s hydrostatic design and continuous movement, give you even water distribution, improved crop production, and efficient system management. Web-based pivot control allows for ultimate control over your pivot system through a computer or mobile device.

Old Technology, or Proven Technology?

Recently it has been suggested that hydraulics and hydrostatic power is “old technology”. True, hydraulic power has been around for a long time, but there are good reasons for that. Hydraulic power is easy to understand, safe, efficient and economical. Virtually every machine essential to farming success utilizes hydraulics and every grower is highly familiar with the principles of hydraulic application and maintenance.

Saving You Time & Money

The TL Difference

T-L Irrigation’s pivot systems experience less downtime than competitive brands. Repair and maintenance costs are significantly reduced due to the continuous movement of the hydrostatic drive. The absence of start-stop operation extends gear box life enabling T-L to provide the longest gearbox warranties available: 24,000 hour or 8 years for planetary drives and 16,000 hours or 8 years on worm gear drives. Frequent electrical components repairs, downtime waiting for electricians and excessive drive-train repair costs are not an issue.

Better Management, More Time

Good management is essential to farming success. T-L’s simple design and reliability lets you manage your farm instead of being dedicated to irrigating. T-L’s reliability gives you the additional peace of mind of knowing it is running. Your complex world is simplified and easier on you. Your family will appreciate your availability, as well.

Nutrient water management turns non-potable nutrient water into valuable crop fertilizer. T-L’s family of irrigation systems delivers nutrient water with the greatest dependability of any system available. Our continuous movement operation delivers the uniform distribution demanded when dealing with a nutrient water application. You will never fight the problems of nutrient water corrosion of electrical components; they don’t exist on a T-L!

Nutrient Water Management

If nutrient water utilization is of interest to you call T-L for a closer look. We can help you convert livestock nutrient water into valuable crop fertilizer and deliver it when and where you want it, even above the crop canopy or below to minimize odor and wind drift. We can turn a major problem into a business advantage.


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