The TL DIfference

Why choose Whiteside Irrigation

The Choice is Simple. Here’s why

The TL Difference

Saves Money

Reduce labor costs up to 90% compared to traditional irrigation methods such as gated pipe.
The TL Difference

Energy Efficient

Maximize irrigated acres using one machine and irrigate L-shaped fields.
The TL Difference

Web-based Pivot Control

Allows for ultimate control over your pivot system through a computer or mobile device.
The TL Difference

Support team

We assist you in the initial design of the system, its installation, and provide post sale product support.
The TL Difference


T-L pivot systems are protected by comprehensive manufacturer’s warranties.

How we save you time and money

Better Management, More Time

Good management is essential to farming success. T-L’s simple pivot irrigation design and reliability lets you manage your farm instead of being dedicated to irrigating. T-L’s reliability gives you the additional peace of mind of knowing it is running. Your complex world is simplified and easier on you. Your family will appreciate your availability, as well.

Low Maintenance

T-L’s pivot irrigation systems are constructed with high-strength truss rods and a double tower-leg design. Components are zinc coated by T-L’s galvanizing plant to prevent rust. Features such as external flex joints, unexposed drive shafts, no universal joints, and the absence of contactors and fuses contribute toward making T-L systems trouble free.

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